"No one has ever shipped a perfect product, and we aren't going to be the first."
-- John Sloan

The Digital Aggregates Corporation® is a tiny little information technology firm located in the USA near Denver, Boulder, and Golden Colorado that offers a broad range of software development services. It was founded by me, John Sloan, in 1995. I am typically, depending on the project, its sole employee. I was formerly at Bell Labs and several of its spin-offs, the National Center for Atmospheric Research, and Wright State University. I have worked in research, information technology, and product development, in the public and private sectors, in engineering and management, and in academia, big science, industry, and defense and intelligence. I have used waterfall and agile processes, worked on tiny little projects and on huge teams, on closed and open source, and on leading edge new development and in multi-million line legacy code bases. I have worked throughout the software lifecycle, filed patents, published papers, and played a key role in shipping many different successful products, some for several release cycles. Find more information about Digital Aggregates on the metadata page.
"MaSSIVE: The Mass Storage System IV Enterprise" is an invited paper that I co-authored while I was working at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), a national lab in Boulder, Colorado, and which appeared in the Proceedings of the IEEE. Find links to this and other papers on the publications page.

Diminuto is a Linux-based systems programming library of C functions and macros, many of which have found their way into shipping products. Desperado is a collection of C and C++ classes, functions, and macros used to experiment with architecture and design patterns for embedded and real-time applications, for systems in which C and C++ must play well together, and for software which must be portable across a variety of platforms and operating systems. Buckaroo is an collection of Java classes which includes rate control mechanisms and classes which simplify exposing managed beans (mbeans) via JMX. Amigo is a platform for teaching embedded software development, real-time software design, and assembly language programming, based on Arduino and FreeRTOS. Concha illustrates how to apply object oriented techniques to C-based systems. Find this and other software on the downloads page or on GitHub.
China Journal: Dancing with a Sleeping Giant is my account of a month spent in the People's Republic of China. I lectured at the Laboratory for Atmospheric Sciences and Geophysics and the Chinese Meterological Agency in Beijing and travelled to Datong, Xi'an, and Guilin. I have frequently worked across multiple time-zones with teams from such exotic locales as Beijing, Bangalore, Pune, Sydney, Dublin, Edinburgh, and New Jersey. I've also been lucky enough to have spent time in England, Scotland, France, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Tahiti, and even Canada. Find this journal and other musings on the articles page, photos of some of these places on my Flickr page, and more ranting on my blog Chip Overclock.

Along my many adventures I have managed to pick up a lot of expertise in Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) and other telephony and telecommunications technologies, mostly while I was working at Bell Labs  and its various spinoffs near Denver Colorado. Find out more about this and other topics on the technical reports page.
This is a young John Sloan sitting in front of an IBM 360/65 mainframe very early in my career when I was a staff member at the computer center and later a faculty member in the computer science department at Wright State University near Dayton Ohio. Find out more incriminating evidence against me on my home page. Here are links to my resume and vita, to my photographs, and to my very current  LinkedIn profile.

"My entire business model depends on my working outside my comfort zone."
-- John Sloan

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