Arroyo is basically Diminuto Phase II. It runs on the same hardware and firmware as Diminuto, an Atmel AT91RM9200-EK Evaluation Kit (EK) Single Board Computer (SBC).

Arroyo/Diminuto with Three "Disk" Drives

Arroyo differs from Diminuto in a few important respects.

  • Where Diminuto has a RAM-resident root file system, Arroyo has a EXT3 journaled root file system that lives on a Secure Digital (SD) card or a USB thumb drive.
  • Where Diminuto is built around the uClibc library which has a reduced memory footprint, Arroyo is built around the full Standard C Library.
  • Where Diminuto depends on the busybox shell, Arroyo incorporates a full bash interpreter.
  • Where Diminuto uses the Buildroot GNU-based tool chain, Arroyo uses a free, pre-built GNU-based tool chain, Sourcery G++ Lite, from CodeSourcery.
  • Where Diminuto is based on the ARM Old Application Binary Interface (OABI), Arroyo is based on the newer ARM Embedded Application Binary Interface (EABI).
  • Where Diminuto lacks tools to manage its storage devices, Arroyo includes the e2fstools file system utilities and the fdisk partitioning tool.

Arroyo is identical to Diminuto in other useful respects.

  • Arroyo runs on the identical hardware and firmware as Diminuto.
  • Arroyo is built using the same Linux server and booted using the same TFTP server as Diminuto.
  • Arroyo uses all open source software just like Diminuto.
  • Arroyo runs the Desperado embedded C++ library and John Sadler's embedded Forth interpreter Ficl just like Diminuto.
  • Arroyo is provisioned identically to Diminuto using the same U-Boot environmental variables which can be saved persistently to flash.

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