Under the pseudonym Chip Overclock I write a eponymously named blog on whatever topic strikes my fancy. The technical articles are perhaps a little esoteric even to the technologist, trending towards either the very large (high performance computing, distributed systems, cloud computing) or the very small (real-time, embedded).

In a panel on the right side of every blog page you'll find a alphabetically sorted list of tags (what Google calls labels) identifying broad catagories of articles. At the bottom of each blog page you will find a cloud of those same tags sorted and sized by frequency. Clicking on any of those tags will lead you to the articles selected by those tags.

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I include the unique name I give to every project in every article I write on that project. Eventually I add a link to every blog article on that project to the project page. Click on this link to get a list of project pages:

At the bottom of every page of my blog is a search box that you can use to search my blog. For example, you can search for a project name to find all the articles on that project, or you can search for terms like C++, Ardunino, AR.drone, Android, BeagleBoard, S3, etc.

You can restrict Google to just searching my blog by just inserting the search term site:coverclock.blogspot.com into your search.


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Presentation: James Surowiecki, The Wisdom of Crowds, Doubleday, 2004 (more)

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